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 Welcome to our biologger and geolocator website.

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At Migrate Technology, we specialise in the design and manufacture of miniature archival light level loggers called geolocators (also known as GLS tracking or geologgers) for tracking birds. Our Intigeo geolocation loggers record ambient sunlight over very long periods. From this recorded information, the areas that the animal visited can be determined. This exciting low-cost technology is being used successfully to help conservation efforts and increase our knowledge of the natural world by tracking annual large-scale bird movements such as migration. Seabirds, waders, wildfowl, passerines, land birds and seals have all been successfully tracked using geolocators.

Behaviour and chronobiology studies of any animal that dwells for a time in the dark can also be performed using Intigeo geolocators. We can help you decide if the technology can help answer your research questions.

Please note that these are not online realtime tracking devices; in order to see the data, tags must be retrieved to download the data archive. This necessitates animal recapture and, thus, site fidelity at wintering, breeding or stopover locations.

Recapturing animals in order to download the data recorded enables tags to be made much smaller than a radio, cellphone or satellite technology such as PTT. Also, archival light level geolocators can be made far smaller than GPS loggers or those that have local remote download capability. The accuracy of light level geolocation is appreciably less than GPS but it can be enough to provide detailed timing and movement data as well as to identify important stopover areas and connectivity relating to bird migration. The technology is cost effective enough that several Intigeo geolocators can be bought for the cost of a single dedicated GPS logger.

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